Gwadar Residential Plots

Gwadar Residential Plots

If you are looking for a serene and tranquil environment, Gwadar is the ultimate place to opt for. The area of Gwadar offers you an assortment of facilities. From wide roads to the green belts, from parks to the grounds, from mosques to the commercial centers, everything is there to fulfill your necessities. It’s a dreamland.

Designed with state of the art configuration planning, having elevated security, and the most modern sewerage system, Gwadar has a lot to offer you. We offer our clients the site visit of the residential plot(s) that they aspire to buy.

 Get Gwadar residential plots at easy installment plans or the full payment. The way you feel comfortable because your comfort is our top priority. Gawadar residential plots are equally ideal for those who intend to buy them for residential purposes and also for them who wish to buy them with the sole aim of investment.

5B Marketing (Pvt) Limited has the experience of 25 years and is one of the top-ranked networks in Pakistan. Call us now; one of the Gwadar residential plots is waiting for you. Buy one now and secure your future by investing in the profit-oriented Gwadar residential plots.


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Gwadar (گوادر) pronounced [ɡʷɑːd̪əɾ] is a port city on the southwestern coast of Balochistan,Pakistan and has an ancient history as early as the bronze age. Gwadar in Balochi language is a combination of two words Gwat meaning “wind” and Dar meaning “Gateway” Gwadar means “Gateway of Winds”. The ancient name of Balochistan is Makran which derived from the ancient Persian phrase “Mahi khoran” and the Persian empires ruled on Balochistan region. Achaemenid Persian Empire ruled in Balochistan for a long time. Gwadar was Conquered by the Persian Empire “Cyrus the great”Alexander’s Admiral Nearchus While homeward march stated that ” Travelling along Makran coast it was dry, surrounded by mountains and inhabited by “fish eaters”. After Alexander’s general Seleucus Nicator, the region was ruled by Mauryan around 303 BCE after peace agreement of Seleucus with Emperor Chandragupta and was ceded to the Mauryans.