Guidelines for buying open land in Gwadar

Guidelines for buying open land in Gwadar

Open land in Gwadar is available in mostly different mouza (موضع)and is most of the real estate consultants recommend to purchase open land. Open land in Gwadar is considered as one of the best investment which allows buying large chunks of lands at very low cost. The prices mentioned in “Master Plan” are more expensive than the land outside the master plan.
Before buying open land in Gwadar, it requires a depth knowledge and vast experience due to coming future of heavy investment.

Selecting the right Mouzas

Mouzas (موضع) in Gwadar are the major areas which offer chunks of land for sale. In the next few years, areas in Gwadar will be rated and preferred according to infrastructure, roads, highways, high rise buildings and commercial activities.
Since Gwadar’s new master plan have indicated the exact location, highways and commercial, Industrial Zone, Residential Zone and other commercial activities areas. The new government of Pakistan has announced to launch a new master plan with some changes.
The investor should have access to all information if someone is offering a better location with low investment at per acre rate if you purchase a bigger chunk of land.

There are three types of open land:
Road front LandSea Front LandClosed Land
Before buying the land, a settlement should be made that how much land will be seafront or road front according to the chosen number of acres.

The right “Real Estate Agent” to deal

The right representative of the real estate agency is more important for making an investment in Gwadar. The cross-examination is more important of the agency, you are looking to handle your investment. In this regard ensure that real estate agency is registered with Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan. some property agents operate only when market activity is on the rise and found practising malpractice.

Look Carefully at Documentation

When you decide to invest in Mouza and find the appropriate chunk of land to purchase, demand for “Fard(فرد)” and Khasra number (کھسرہ)of land. The latest “Fard” of land will provide you with the details of all owners of land and willing to sell the land. In case of Joint property if one owner of the land is passed away then it will create some problems regarding inheritance. The purpose of Khasra (کھسرہ) number is to find the exact location of the plot or land you intend to buy. The same number will be required for land demarcation. The demarcation process requires the involvement of local “Patwari (پٹواری)”.

The related offices for consultation

According to the above discussion, if you need help or information regarding the land sale or purchase in Gwadar you can always visit the information centres operated by Gwadar Development Authority as well as Headoffice. All districts and Mouzas (موضع falls under the jurisdiction of Deputy commissioner of Gwadar which is responsible for documents consultation.

Size of Open land

The size varies from 1 acre to 1000 acres and above.


Price varies from 1.5 lac per acre up to 60 lac per acre and depends on the location.
According to these following instructions, you can make your investment more secure.


Project Details

Gwadar (گوادر) pronounced [ɡʷɑːd̪əɾ] is a port city on the southwestern coast of Balochistan,Pakistan and has an ancient history as early as the bronze age. Gwadar in Balochi language is a combination of two words Gwat meaning “wind” and Dar meaning “Gateway” Gwadar means “Gateway of Winds”. The ancient name of Balochistan is Makran which derived from the ancient Persian phrase “Mahi khoran” and the Persian empires ruled on Balochistan region. Achaemenid Persian Empire ruled in Balochistan for a long time. Gwadar was Conquered by the Persian Empire “Cyrus the great”Alexander’s Admiral Nearchus While homeward march stated that ” Travelling along Makran coast it was dry, surrounded by mountains and inhabited by “fish eaters”. After Alexander’s general Seleucus Nicator, the region was ruled by Mauryan around 303 BCE after peace agreement of Seleucus with Emperor Chandragupta and was ceded to the Mauryans.