Day: June 25, 2020

Balochistan govt to develop coastal belt for boosting tourism

The Balochistan government will develop its coastal belt to attract more tourists and generate more revenue, said an official on Wednesday.    According to APP, the official said the government had planned to identify tourist destinations at the coastal areas and would set up tourist resorts there.   The official said the government was striving to …

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Pakistan receives $1b from ADB, World Bank

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has received $1 billion today (Wednesday) – $500 million each from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank,” the central bank announced on Twitter. According to the Express Tribune, the fresh loans will be used to overcome the shortfall in budgeted expenditures, mainly on health and socio-economic fronts, …

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Gwadar agreement: Senate body backs 40-year tax break

ISLAMABAD: A Senate panel on Tuesday endorsed 40-year tax holiday for Gwadar Port and its free zone after the government showed the bilateral agreement to legislators that carried provisions for tax concessions for all including sub-contractors. The Senate Standing Committee on Finance criticised Maritime Affairs Secretary Rizwan Ahmad for making a misstatement about the time …

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Project Details

  • GDA Approved
  • 24/7 Electricity & Security
  • 800 Meters
  • 3500 Meters

Gwadar (گوادر) pronounced [ɡʷɑːd̪əɾ] is a port city on the southwestern coast of Balochistan,Pakistan and has an ancient history as early as the bronze age. Gwadar in Balochi language is a combination of two words Gwat meaning “wind” and Dar meaning “Gateway” Gwadar means “Gateway of Winds”. The ancient name of Balochistan is Makran which derived from the ancient Persian phrase “Mahi khoran” and the Persian empires ruled on Balochistan region. Achaemenid Persian Empire ruled in Balochistan for a long time. Gwadar was Conquered by the Persian Empire “Cyrus the great”Alexander’s Admiral Nearchus While homeward march stated that ” Travelling along Makran coast it was dry, surrounded by mountains and inhabited by “fish eaters”. After Alexander’s general Seleucus Nicator, the region was ruled by Mauryan around 303 BCE after peace agreement of Seleucus with Emperor Chandragupta and was ceded to the Mauryans.