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Guidelines for Safe Investment in Gwadar

Posted on October 11, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Gwadar has created a lot of charm in the real estate sector. The local investors and overseas of Pakistan are investing in Gwadar due to the business opportunities in Gwadar to directly connect with the international market. And still, a lot of investors are looking to get a piece of the Gwadar pie, and in this article, we will put all the information required for safe and secure investment in Gwadar.

Don't fall for an attractive price tag:

Gwadar offers hot and attractive prices of lands at different locations of open lands, government societies, private societies etc. Firstly, try to visit the market of real estate in Gwadar because something looks like it's cheap right now and will be able to produce heavy returns on investment is not possible due to the market and location of land.

Consider all the options and assess these options in terms of Pros and Cons before a final decision.

The cheap price can deceive our decisions and it is a sign something is off and do not ignore the scammers and red flags.

Research & Analysis:

At the investment stage, the logical question would be that how someone finds out if an offer is fraudulent. Concern it that Gwadar's land is not well known to many investors. Discuss to real estate agents in Gwadar and get rates from different resources before purchasing the land. Ask the agents to show documents and owner of the land, if it is open land. For further confirmation, you can visit Gwadar development authority and confirm the details regarding land.

Gwadar Development Authority:

Gwadar Development Authority has an official website which will help you to secure your investment. You can also visit GDA office and ask for details of the required area. GDA official website has a complete list of Govt societies, private societies, open lands, commercial schemes, recreational schemes of Gwadar. You can visit the website and see if the required land is approved or stable. Even the Status of No Objection Certificates (NOC) can also be checked on the website.

The Provisional Registration Form (PRF):

The Provisional Registration form is used for an allottee of the private scheme used as a document after you made a purchase. The provisional form is available on GDA official website. This form confirms the property purchased and the actual owner of the land and will not be resold behind you. Fill PR form and send it back to the office of Director Town Planning. GDA will respond to request for information within five working days. Since the GDA has all the information on approved housing societies in the area, including the master plans, maps and more. Some Sellers of real estate are reselling the same plots to many people. The PR form just not help you, but it also helps the Gwadar Development Authority to secure other people against fraud. This information is added in the GDA database and helps to provide information to other buyers. So, your land will also be saved from scammers and fraudsters.

Site Visit and Confirmation:

Many of the investors are searching property remotely in Gwadar. It is important to visit the area or land at what you are looking. You should know the major locations, the connected and proposed roads, the distance from GDA, Commissioner office, Police station and hospitals etc. if you are investing in private or commercial schemes then try to visit GDA office and check under what conditions NOC was issued. Gwadar Development Authority will help you to know about the land transferred to the society or developers, discuss town plans and maps.

How to tackle fraud:

If you are a victim and your land was already sold to someone else and you don't know how to further proceed. You can approach the Gwadar Development Authority for help in recovering your amount as well. GDA has strict rules and regulations about keeping developers in check.

Gwadar city is one of the emerging city and port of Pakistan which will change the geographical importance for business and trade among major continents. It offers thousands of business opportunities and investment in Gwadar offers heavy returns.

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