1- Thar coal power plant achieves commercial operations. 2- Court issues notice to Maryam over fake trust deed. . 3- Pakistan to get $1.65 billion net receipts out of $6 billion IMF package.

Private Societies

At present, there are more than 30 Private Housing Socities. These Private housing projects are located at major locations like, Air Port Road, Jinnah Avenue, Main coastal highway, Door Ghetti, Jiwani Road, shenkani dar, west bay sea side. Jinnah Avenue have more worth to get business in future.

Govt Societies

In GOVT housing socities,there are 3 major hosuing projects named as Sangar, Newtown & Mamber housing socities. Sangar society is 280 max height from sea level and surrounded by sea from its 3 sides (east,west,south). Due to operation of PC hotel & deep sea its value has increased. Newtown has 4 phases and in phase I & II, construction has been started. Mamber is still in progress.

Open Land

Open land is basically undeveloped areas in 32 Mouzas (areas). Open land offers very low rates in various areas of gwadar. It is one of the best investment as it offers investors to purchase huge chunks of lands at low cost. Size offers from 1 acre to 1000 acres with prices varies from 1.5 lacs per acre to 50 lacs per acre. open land has more potential of huge upside.

Industrial Scheme

Industrial scheme is on Makran coastal highway and 40 km from Gwadar city.Overall 3000 acres of land is marked for development in three phases of 1000 acres each. Gwadar industrial scheme offers the development of Small and Medium Enterprises bases on value added industries. The major areas in industrail estate are import export, construction, shipping, transportation, textiles and leather made up garments.

Commercial Scheme

In Commercial scheme it has 6 different projects with five different scheme locations. Commercial scheme covers the major areas, dhore ghatti, washin dhore, Sur Bandar,Shankani Dar and Chib Kalmat. It includes the major projects Muscat center, sabimandi, FInance and business avenue, china commercial complex, Al noor city and china village jinnah avenue.

Recreational Scheme

Recreational scheme covers the three major areas with 4 different projects. Major areas are Moza Chatti, Darbella Janobi and darbella shumali. The Projects in recreational scheme are Marjan beach resort, breeze way resort, golden sands, oasis resort gwadar

Gwadar Building

Gwadar building scheme has upto 10 major locations and 14 projects. Major areas covered by gwadar building is washin dhore, surbandar, wasshin dhore, chaib kalmati, new world city projects, Nigori ward and GDA industrial scheme. This scheme has more worth due to major projects as shopping mall, Hotels, Bolan complex, Aprtments, Markets and villas.