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Investment in Gwadar

Posted on 12 May, 2018 at 03:00 PM

2019 is a promising year for local and foreign investors which offers enormous business opportunities. Gwadar port has the potential to become the industrial zone of Pakistan and economic hub for central Asia.

Since the start of January, Pakistan and China have started the development on many projects. Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated New Gwadar International Airport. Pakistan and China also signed on ML-1 railway project starting from Peshawar to Karachi.

The Pakistani government will establish a special economic zone with an area of 4000 hectares, which is supposed to set up various industries in Gwadar. The government will establish an export processing zone which is planned to set up different automobiles and other assembling industries.

Oil refinery and storage yard have also been proposed in the north of Gwadar town.

Sectors for investment in Gwadar:

Tourism is one of the most desired fields in the world and Gwadar is full of natural beauty. The country possesses some of the most beautiful natural beauties in the world. Different areas of Gwadar are enriched with natural beauty and mountains which will definitely beat Central Asia tourism.

Real Estate is another sector which is full of opportunities in Gwadar due to commercial activity in Pakistan. In real estate sectors, Gwadar offers open land, government societies and Private Societies. Opportunities exist in every business but the real estate is a reliable constant when putting up against volatile options.

Stocks and Commodities in Gwadar

At Gwadar Expo 2019 a host of exhibitors from different sectors were invited to attend the expo. The representatives from the world attended the expo from the business of food, textile producers, vehicle manufacturers and petrochemicals as well as dozens of other sectors participated in the expo.

Gwadar offers enormous industrial potential in these key sectors- Fisheries, Agriculture, livestock, minerals.
Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to set a multi-million dollar oil city in Gwadar, which will be termed as a commercial hub and trade route for central Asia due to its geo-strategic location.

Trade and Industrial Activities

Gwadar is totally termed as Industrial zone. Almost 3000 acres have been reserved for the development of Gwadar Industrial Estate which is located in Mouza Karwat on Makran Coastal Highway which is almost 40 Km away from Gwadar.

National Logistic cell has also established its site office in Gwadar. The industries planned to be developed in GIE which include assembly plants, PVC housing, metal and wood fabrication, food and flour mills, warehousing and other sectors of energy.

The master plan also includes setting up flatted factories which will provide the services to small industries to start setup in Gwadar.

Transportation and Infrastructure Development in Gwadar

Roads, drainage system, airports, streets, lights system, water purification system, schools, colleges and university sectors offer a vast option for investment in Gwadar. Gwadar has a lot of potential in Planning, Designing, executing and necessary permits. Pakistan and China also set up vast telecommunication to interconnect the world. The new master plan of Gwadar consists of the development of skyscrapers, gas stations, Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets and restaurants which will be developed under international standards.

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