1- Pervez Khattak invites Japanese government to initiate investment plan in CPEC. 2- Peoples liberation army chief General Han Weigou meets COAS Pakistan to discuss CPEC and regional security. 3- President Arif Alvi said that CPEC will help to improve Pakistan's economy and Strategic Importance. 4- Law Minister and Chinese Ambassdor meets to discuss CPEC and bilateral ties. 5- Projects initiated in Gwadar under CPEC worth USD $780 million


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Already enough detail have been posted about this Govt. project at gwadarinfo.com. In brief one like to get the plot at here, is advised to get the plot after verification from the DCO office Gwadar. If it confirmed from there, then do the buying. Maps of its all four Phases have been posted at web page. If one gets the authenticated plot, then he is not at losing end. As it is concerned about the plot price it varies at different timing, plot in Phase#1 are costly then Phase IV. The price cannot be quoted being variation in market. It will be posted separately at gwadarinfo.com