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SANGAR Housing Scheme is one of the most desired and premium residential and commercial schemes of Gwadar, which is located on Koh-E-Batil (Hammerhead). It is one of the beautiful and the most secure society of Gwadar which is surrounded by the blue water of the Sea from all four sides. Some area of Sangar society is under Pakistan Navy and remaining area is under Gwadar Development Authority (GDA).

Koh-e-Batil spans a total length of 13 Km and has the following houses.

  1. Pakistan Navy
  2. PC Gwadar
  3. Sangar Housing Scheme

Sangar Housing Scheme Phases

Sangar housing scheme consists of five phases namely:

  • Phase I
  • Phase II & Phase II Ext
  • Phase III
  • Phase IV
  • Phase V


    New Town Gwadar is one of the most desired and developed housing society in Gwadar. New Town Gwadar covers the major locations of Gwadar which are Marine Drive, Main Boulevard, Sarwan Avenue, Pishukan Avenue, Jinnah Avenue Gwadar and Airport Gwadar. New Town Gwadar is regulated by Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) and offers a lot of investment opportunities in terms of commercial and residential plots. New town also offers sea facing high rise commercial plots which are located on Marine Drive. Currently, New Town has 4 phases. New Town offers all sizes of commercial and residential plots.


    Maanber Housing Society Gwadar is termed as one of the model residential housing schemes which are supposed to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability among all societies. This project is being designed under the umbrella of Ekistics concept by "Doxiadis" to provide all facilities to the living community having state of the art infrastructure such as proximity to daily activities, social services, non-polluted sectors, security, social sustainability. The land use distribution in Maanber Housing Scheme Gwadar and road network is organized with the supervision of Culdesac planing which is determined by the relief of demarcating boundaries of the site, recreational zone which consists of the golf course, water sports, resorts and high rise commercial buildings. The Member housing scheme sectors are specifically designed to function as autonomous urban units with basic multiple commercial sectors which will be completely self-sufficient for everyday facilities and services.


    Baluchistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (BECHS) Gwadar is located at the prime location of Janubi Ankara Gwadar which is near to marine drive Gwadar and Palm Housing Scheme Gwadar. Baluchistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (BECHS) Gwadar is officially handle by CG group. BECHS project is district Govt. like Sangar Housing Scheme and New Town Gwadar. It offers residential and commercial plots

    Residential Plots
  • 200 Sq. Yards - 128 plots
  • 400 Sq. Yards - 185 plots
  • 600 Sq. Yards - 54 plots

  • Commercial Plots
  • 400 Sq. Yards - 96 plots
  • 1000 Sq. Yards – 1000 plots