1- Chinese embassy start investigation of illegal marriage centers in Pak. 2- 285 km long DI Khan-Hakla motorway under CPEC achives 60% completion. 3- Rashakzai SEZ under CPEC to be leased out to China for 30 years

CPEC a new route to Middle East

Posted on November 12, 2018 at 01:00 PM

China and Pakistan have announced $64 billion projects called China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Pakistan and China proposed to connect the Chinese city Kashgar with Pakistan's Gwadar port, extensive developments of the Gwadar port and construction of oil refinery with the investment of Saudi Arabia will connect these regions with each other. Gwadar port will be fully operational till 2025 and different countries like China, Pakistan, Iran, India, Afghanistan and Central Asian states will benefit.

Pakistan and China have focused on infrastructural development like the development of roads, new international Gwadar airport and, number of wind, solar, coal and hydropower projects.

Pakistan and China made an agreement of Gwadar port for 43 years lease. China and Pakistan agreed on defence agreement and provide eight attack submarines. It is the best example of Chinese investment in different countries.

Instead of trying sanctions on different countries and demoralizing its value like the USA is doing, China focused on trade with different countries. China offers projects of mutual interest with other countries but under Chinese control.

The benefit of Gwadar port development to China is that it will directly access to Iranian oil instead of using Strait of Malacca and south of China sea, where it can be interrupted by Japan, India or USA. The route is 6000 miles shorter than the sea route. Iran can access direct oil pipeline without going through Sea.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor passes through Gilgit Baltistan which is a disputed territory of occupied Kashmir, which means China thinks its more important project to demoralize India.

Central Asian states to join CPEC:

Some central Asian states have decided to enter CPEC connecting different countries allowing connectivity between different countries for trade and development. The success of CPEC projects will provide an extensive route to access Pakistan's deepwater entering via Afghanistan.

Iran & Saudi Arabia to Join CPEC:

Due to the emerging scope of Gwadar, Iranian Foreign Minister visited Pakistan and met with Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Prime Minister Imran Khan. He appreciated the bilateral relations between two countries and showed interest to Join CPEC. Saudi Arabia has already made a deal to invest in Gwadar by developing an oil refinery.

USSR to join CPEC:

Russia shows interest to approach Gwadar by investing in multiple sectors. It is a great opportunity to encourage bilateral relations and promoting trade with each other.

EU Nations to join CPEC:

Last year U.K. secretary of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs Boris Johnson visited Pakistan and called it "a wonderful project" and hoped that UK will join the CPEC project. Romania is also the part of the European Union and shows interest to invest in Pakistan. Romania further plans to introduce its Dacia cars in Pakistan

Gwadar has the backing of the world's economic leader. Gwadar is strategically located near strait of Hormuz which can connect three major continents Asia, Europe and Africa via silk route and sea route. For, global investors who are on the lookout for the next big thing and high returns, then Gwadar is it.

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