1- Pervez Khattak invites Japanese government to initiate investment plan in CPEC. 2- Peoples liberation army chief General Han Weigou meets COAS Pakistan to discuss CPEC and regional security. 3- President Arif Alvi said that CPEC will help to improve Pakistan's economy and Strategic Importance. 4- Law Minister and Chinese Ambassdor meets to discuss CPEC and bilateral ties. 5- Projects initiated in Gwadar under CPEC worth USD $780 million


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CPEC could be East India Company

Lawmakers from Upper house of Pakistan shared their views that national interests of Pakistan are not being protected. Senator Tahir Mashhadi admired the friendship of Pakistan and China but the interests of Pakistan should be clearly discussed and should become first. Further, he said that the government of Pakistan is not protecting the basic rights and interests of the people........

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Gwadar, one of the deepest sea ports in the world. Gwadar will prove to be the busiest center for import and export, connecting three main continents; Asia, Europe and Africa. So it has attained the status of key strategic and commercial sea port!