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CPEC Development 3.0

Posted on 26 May, 2018 at 03:00 PM

The Belt & Road initiative ( BRI) project has been praised as well as criticized since its inception in 2013. The response of different countries encouraged the launch of this project and it has been mobilized with the investment of $1.3 trillion by 2027 and will definitely change the geo-economics of partner countries and regions.

However. China is facing an aggressive mood of the United States due to the trade war with European countries. China has faced more sanctions since 2015 when it announced a plan of " Made in China 2025", which is aimed to develop high tech industrial sectors. Beijing terms it as an extra effort of business survival, while Western countries accuse it subsidising Chinese firms over their business rivals.

The United States and western countries equate BRI with debt trap diplomacy to sow the seed of distrust in Pakistan.

analysts have termed CPEC as a great opportunity for Pakistan to leapfrog into the 21st Century.

It is noted that the corridor is a test case for Beijing to demonstrate and show its worthy trust towards Pakistan. CPEC is aimed to provide benefits to both countries and people as well as youth is the main focus.

President Xi Jinping presents BRI as a common development goal and our decision makers should aim to nurture a long term partnership which is aimed to yield a long term beneficial project for both countries.

CPEC initial priorities are the provision of transport infrastructure and energy sectors which are prerequisite for economic advancement. The second phase priorities of CPEC are Industry, digital connectivity, tourism, agriculture and socio-economic development. As this economic future collaboration of CPEC 3.0 should be upgraded towards high tech sectors which are a telecom and electric mobility where China is termed as an emerging global leader of Technology and Optimize CPEC benefits.

China is aimed to provide the fifth generation(5G) mobile telecom infrastructure. As of April 2019, China has signed more than 40 5G contracts globally confirming its global coverage.

Many Chinese tech industries are already working in Pakistan and digital connectivity is essential is important for future cooperation. Regardless of US opposition Chinese tech giants telecom industry will boom in Asia and Pakistan. Therefore B2B partnerships to help Pakistan booming ICT sector to develop capacities by engaging with Chinese partners.

President XI prioritized the sustainability of his products rather than previous history. Resultantly, China has developed its name in renewable Industry and electric vehicles.

According to the latest research, China had 181 gigawatts of wind and 175 GW of solar PV capacity. China has set a goal that one-fifth of vehicles sold in China should be electric which will increase its Electric Vehicle power of sales.

So electric motor will also increase 5G demand, which is important for robot-taxis and fueled through renewables.

China is working on advanced technologies but it is not suggested that China will help Pakistan to become an important player in technology. It is not implemented in Pakistan till Pakistan do not address futuristic technologies and environmental challenges.

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